Don't wait until drain line disasters strike

While you're working hard in the kitchen to put out delicious food, the last thing that you want to be thinking about is if your drains are flowing in the proper direction. Due to heavy usage, a restaurants drains are likely to block up and, potentially, back up.


We offer top of the line drain cleaning services at prices that cannot be matched. We will help ensure that your drains are moving the right direction by addressing potential issues before they happen. This peace of mind will allow you to do what you do best, creating culinary delights!

Here's what our drain maintenances include:

  • Inspection of main sewer line with camera to verify the line is clean and cleared
  • Video of Inspection Provided for Records
  • Hydro jet to clean or clear the main line
  • Clear grease receptacle of waste, up to 20 gallon receptacle and clean inlet and outlet of grease receptacle when emptying
  • Inspection of building for any other potential drain issues
  • Includes discounts on all other Twister services

Restaurant Drain Maintenance Packages - New / Renewal

  • Silver Package - $950.00
  • Gold Package - $1500.00
  • Platinum Package - $2000.00
  • Twisteriffic Package- $2450.00
  • Twisteriffic Custom

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